Instructor:  Jean-Paul Richon – African ‘No-Sew’ Banners

Day & Time:  Saturday 9:00 AM – Class #11

Class Size:  20 Students

Cost:  $100.00 

Description:  Jean-Paul has created a new style of banner, with a novel and innovating design.  This banner is very interesting to make, you can use this technique even to make a kite.  You will be creating a shape with a length of +/- 25′ to 28′ of fiber glass rod, you will glue on a piece of original African fabric that is colored on both sides.  It’s not so difficult to make, just several tricks to know; no sewing machine is required just patience, perseverance and time. You will be able to use the finished piece simply on a wall, on a fishing pole or hang up on a rope.  During this workshop we will learn how to make a section that is 5 feet tall.

What to Bring:   Weights x8; Bulldog clips (Binder clips) ¾” x50; scissors for fabric and 2 pens for fabric, one white and one black

Experience level:  Beginner on up!

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