Instructor:  Jean-Paul Richon – Four Corners Kite

Day & Time:  Friday 9:00 AM – Class #10

Class Size:  20 Students

Cost:  $110.00 

Description:  ah… Four Corners!  Probably one of my favorite places in this world!  This kite is born after a long trip around these 4 wonderful states in the U.S… and I am still wondering which one is the nicest? 

To built this 5’x5′ kite, we will precisely assemble 4 ripstop squares jointed with carbon tubes.  I will teach you how to improve it but I am sure the beauty of CoNmArUt states will inspire you for painting or decoration afterward…and go to fly at your favorite place in 4 Corners as I did!

What to Bring:  Sewing machine, notions and soldering iron

Experience level:  Beginner on up!

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