Instructor:  Brian David – Kite Arch

Day & Time:  Friday 9:00 AM – Class #4

Class Size:  12 Students

Cost:  $40.00 set of 10 kites / $80.00 set of 20 kites

Description:  Students will be sewing 18” eddy kites that will be used to form an Arch.  Instead of the typical method of sewing kites to a continuous piece of line, as in the past, a new method of attachment will be taught.  This method allows the flier to add additional kites and/or rearrange their sequence.

Students will be able to choose colors of the kite skins for their arch in sets of 10 or 20 kites.  Additional kites can be ordered at the rate of $4 each.

This new method of attaching kites into an arch will give you the ability to add kites to your existing arch to document life moments, events, or just to make it larger.

What to bring:  Sewing machine and notions.  

Experience level:  Beginner on up!

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