Instructor: Jim Day – Mini Drum Box

Day & Time: Friday 9:00 AM – Class #5

Class Size: 25 Students

Cost: $30.00

Description: Drum boxes are known for their clean lines and smooth tight skins. These kites fly great as a stable single line kite or with fun ‘fighter kite’ movement. They love winds 3-10 mph. This popular kite is fun to fly in groups and at mass ascensions. The kite measures: 18.5” x 18” and fits into a kite bag, 15.5” x 3”, which makes these super easy to pack and travel with.

The designer, Jan Grandia, of the Netherlands, created and makes the center hub. The kite is made of 10 panels of Icarex, you will have the choice of 8 colors: charcoal, light gray, yellow, red, orange, sky blue, royal blue and white.

You will cut your own panels in class and learn Jim’s techniques for making the mini drum, so each person will receive their own cardboard pattern.

What to bring: Sewing machine, notions, glue stick, scissors, seam ripper, fine point sharpie, ruler, cutting mat and razor knife (Olfa, Xacto or break away knife).

Experience level: Intermediate on up!

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