Instructor:  Sam King – Single Line Delta Kite…….with Paint!

Day & Time:  Saturday 8:30 AM, Class #7

Cost:  $ 60

Description:  This kite is along the lines of a stunt-kite style delta that is framed and bridled as a single line flier. Easy to assemble, (only one stick to put in) and a reliable flier. The wingspan will be around 8 feet, so it will have some ‘presence’ in the sky. Largely, the kite becomes a canvas for showing off your new painting skills. We’ll cover the background information needed for acrylic painting on rip stop, then we will do some painting. No artistic ability needed – I promise. Painted bits will be appliquéd onto the Delta canvas. You will leave with a one-of-a-kind creation and the knowledge to paint more extensively on nylon in the future, should you choose.

What to bring:  Sewing machine and notions, cutting mat and appliqué scissors

Experience level:  Beginner and up

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