OKR is held in Rockaway Beach, OR at the Twin Rocks Friends Camp.

Fellow Kitemaker,
We are glad you decided to join us for this fun filled weekend. I’m sure you still have a number of questions. The camp opens Thursday at 4PM (not before) and Check-in will open at 4:30 PM in the Meetinghouse. Classes will start at 9:00 AM Friday. You will be on your own for dinner Thursday night.


You need to check in at the registration table in the Meetinghouse when you arrive. You will receive your packet of information, name badge, information on rooms and event shirt(s) if you ordered one. This is also your chance to buy a 2006 Retreat Pin. We have a limited supply so you may only buy one at the time you pre register/register. There may be more offered later in the weekend.


There is a label in your check-in packet with your name on it. We ask that you stick this label, on the sheet provided, on the door of the room you have selected. Please put your personal items, luggage, on the bed you have selected. Once you have selected a room and a bed, please let the registration desk know which room you are in, so we can fill them


The sleeping areas are not locked. It is advisable to secure any valuables in your vehicles. We will not be the only group that will have access to the camp. Please keep in mind that AOK and the camp will not be responsible for lost or stolen property.


Once you have checked in you may sign up for additional classes. The classes will be posted in the registration area.


Be sure to bring a desk lamp with you. Some of the classrooms, especially the Friendship Hall can be kind of dark while you are trying to complete your projects.


We will need volunteers to help set tables in the dining hall 20 minutes before each meal. We also need to clear the tables after the meal. Please try to keep things tidy throughout the weekend, both in the classrooms and the common areas.


Please bring your favorite kites or banners as we will be putting together a gallery in the Meetinghouse. We encourage you to bring kites from previous retreats. Please fill out the enclosed card so that it can be attached to your gallery item. You may check these items in at the registration table. There will also be cards available when you check in.


This will be an area where you can relax and chat. Registration will also be here after Thursday’s check-in. We would like to have you bring any treats or snacks that you would like to share. These will be set out in the Hospitality room. Please feel free to bring some photo albums to share. You may bring beverages but please keep in mind that the Friends Camp does not allow alcoholic beverages on the premises.


You can turn your raffle items in at the Registration Table or the Raffle Room, located in the Arts & Crafts Building. Enclosed you will find a Raffle donation form. Please fill this out and turn it in with your donation(s). Do not send the form in with your registration. Additional forms will be available at both the Registration Table and the Raffle room. Please have all raffle donations turned in by Friday evening.


Tickets are 2 for $1.00 or 50 for $20.00. These will be single tickets. Your name must be on the ticket to win. You will find name labels in your packet if you asked for them. You may pick up additional sheets of labels for FREE in the Raffle Room or at the Registration Table.


Breakfast on Sunday morning will be a buffet style meal. It will be served from 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM. Classes start at 8:30 AM.


The Friends Camp enjoys having us with them, but they do ask that we be out of the camp buildings by 3:00 PM Sunday.