AstroFighter – Kathy Goodwind – Freestyle Appliqué on the Astrofighter

Cost: $25.00

Description: The Astrofighter is a twelve pointed kite first produced by Goodwinds Kites in the early ‘90’s. Not many people have seen it but both Robert Trépanier and Don Mock liked it so well they made their own versions using our technique.

It is a twelve pointed Afghan Fighter or Indian Star that has its pockets imbedded in the design. A technique pioneered by Goodwinds Kites. The pockets are part of the pattern of the kite, all you have to do is fold them into place and stitch them down.

Students should have steady sewing skills to make this kite. The class will be a “Freestyle” class, that is, students will be encouraged to come up with their own design on a 20″ circle. Patterns will be provided for students who do not want to attempt a design of their own. I want to encourage students to feel their own ability to create a design on a small surface.

Students will need to provide 2- 24″ square pieces of contrasting color fabric.

What to bring: Sewing machine, notions, hot knife, cutting surface, double stick tape, thread, sewing needle to fit 20# bridle line, scissors and seam ripper, extensions cord and plug in strip.


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