Ken Conrad – Ken’s 2-in-1 Digital Print Kite

Saturday 9:00 AM, Class #3

Cost: $25

Description: Ken will print your original digital art on kite fabric for this class. It can be a photo, your art scanned, or a graphic designed on your computer. Ken will provide specifications, instructions and tips for preparing your graphic to send to him by December 15th.

This 26.5″w x 20″h kite features a unique convertible frame and bridle, giving you two kites in one – a stable Ohashi variant and a versatile Buka-style fighter kite. The two kites span a wide range of performance in a wide range of winds. You can assemble and adjust the kite to fit your whim!

In class Ken will explain his transfer printing process and then each student will make printed fabric into a custom kite with a matching bag. Discussion of assembly, tuning and flying will follow.

Experience level: Beginner on up!

What to bring: Sewing machine and notions, pencil, razor knife or roller blade cutter, cutting surface, 3ft straight edge.

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