Ronda Brewer & Lindsey Johnson – Pick Your Poison

Sunday 8:30 AM, Class #1

Cost: $5 to $25 depending on the kite you choose

Description: Not sure what you want to build? No problem. In this half day class, you will have plenty of time to complete your choice of a “battle ready” 48” Rokkaku, a 38” della Porta with a 48 foot Squiggle Tail, or a school of 16” Phantom Star Wild Fish. The precut Tyvek® no-sew kite kits are easy to assemble and are guaranteed to fly. These kites are even easy enough for Ronda to finish in the allotted time. Lindsey gives this a “Two Thumbs Up”. Decorating your kite is encouraged. Painting supplies will be provided during the class. Remember, “It’s not just a Kite…. It’s an Experience!”

Kites kits range from $5 for an individual Wild Fish, $15 for the Della Porta and $25 for the Rokkaku with line and 6” yoyo winder.

Experience level: Beginner on up!

What to bring: Design ideas, drawing tools and your imagination.

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