Instructor: Rich Durant – Urban Ninja

(an open source kite developed and designed by Thomas Horvath)

Day & Time: Friday 9:00 AM, Class #4

Cost: $30.00

Description: Build the Urban Ninja, an indoor/outdoor kite that glides. Make your own zero or light wind single line kite. When flying, you can do horizontal glides, flat spins or dives. This light wind kite is designed for active flight in gentle breezes or no wind in confined urban areas, like parking lots, courtyards, parks, and indoors. In normal to stronger winds, it just hangs up there like any good kite should!

I will provide complete plans and all the materials needed to build the kite including the sail panels. The panels will be “rough cut”. You will use templates provided to cut three panels to size.

Check out photos at:

What to bring: Sewing machine and notions, hot cutter, hot cutting surface, Xacto knife or equivalent, fabric weights, double sided tape, 48” ruler, 36” ruler

Experience level: Intermediate on up

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