Instructor: Tom McAlister – Sculptural Paper Kites

Day & Time: Friday 9:00 AM, Class #8

Cost: $10.00


Description: Students build sculptural kites using handmade papers. Once the base form of three radiating planes is assembled, we will use folding and cutting techniques to create three-dimensional feather and leaf-like structures of simple elegance, or if you prefer, surprising complexity. Though templates will be provided, you are encouraged to use your own creative imaginations to push your artistic boundaries, and the boundaries of the many forms these kites can take. You will also build a display stand on which you can proudly display your finished kite. The workshop includes a storage box for your finished kites because no McAlister workshop would be complete without a box!

What to bring: Olfa style snap blade cutter or Xacto style knife with a fine point, small cutting mat, scissors, and small metal ruler. Optional items: glue stick and a flight stick 20” or so to test fly your kite at retreat.

Experience level: Beginners on up


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