Instructor: Carl Bragiel – Tie Dyed Banners, Funked Up Dyes NW

Day & Time: Friday 9:00 AM Class #2

Cost: $40.00


Description: You will tie dye one or more 18’ cotton banners (12’ sleeve with a 6’ tail). The techniques you will learn at the “spiral”, the “scrunch” and the “rib or herringbone”. Banners are $40 each which will include the dye, band, latex gloves and necessary chemicals. A few bandanas will also be available for practice.

A limited supply of T-shirts will be available for those that wish to try this as well for an extra charge.

What to bring: Old clothes or an apron to wear. You will get dye on you and this does not come out. Bring your own banner pole to proudly display your work!

Experience level: Beginner on up!


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