Instructor: Dan Kurahashi – Block Print Edo Kite w/Bamboo – No Sew

Day & Time: Friday 9:00 AM Class #12

Cost: $10.00

Description: You will create a 5”Tall x 3.25”Wide Edo Kite with woodblock printing. The Dragon character will be a black wood print on Japanese Washi paper, then coloring by brush and dye. You will learn how to split bamboo to make the spars. I will be supplying 4 colors; red, blue, yellow and black.

What to bring: Scissors (make sure they are sharp), Exacto knife, straight edge (10” or so), thick blade knife for bamboo (if you have it), needle to do the bridle, 4 fine tipped brushed (you will need the same number of brushes as dyes as the colors can not mix), small containers for colors, rag and old newspapers

Experience level: Everyone!

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