Instructor: Lindsey Johnson – No Sew Tyvek Star Bird Kite

Day & Time: Sunday 8:30 AM Class #3

Cost: $25.00

Description: Be one-with-the-flock. Assemble and decorate your own 73” Star Bird kite from a new-dew kit that includes all the parts and pieces such as Pre-cut Tyvek panels, fiberglass spars, adhesive backed Dacron reinforcements, a dihedral fitting and vinyl end caps.

Decorating suggestions will be presented and art supplies will be on hand for you to have some fun ‘dressing’ your bird.

The realistic wing movement and occasional tumbling mimics life-like flight action. Onlookers and birds of all kinds come to check this kite out when it takes to the air.

It’s not a “murder of crows” nor a “gaggle of geese” but you could build enough to have your own “colony of gulls”.

What to bring: Minimum of 3ft metal straightedge, a short ruler, scissors, exacto knife, small wire cutter, pencil and a 24×36 (or larger) gridded cutting mat to use in lining up parts.

Experience level: Everyone!

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