Instructor: Dan Kurahashi – Heat Seal 3D Kites – Starflake and Snowflake

Day & Time: Saturday 9:00 AM, Class #7

Cost: $30.00

Description: Learn different methods to heat seal multicolor low density plastic to make a Starflake, Snowflake, Facet and possibly a Double Starflake and Double Snowflake. Finish off the kite with Bamboo and Fiberglass or Carbon rods. The finished kite is approximately 14” high and 24” across. I will have heat controlled Soldering irons for sale for $20.00

What to bring: 14” or longer heatsealer and/or heat control soldering iron, extension cord, scissors, exacto knife, 1/8” hand punch if available, wax paper (cooking type), old newspapers, 14” or long metal straight edge.

Experience level: Beginner on up

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