Instructor: Carl Bragiel

Day & Time: Friday 9:00 AM Class #1

Cost: $5.00 per Garment to Dye

Description: Carl will supply all necessary items to make your tie dye creations, bands, string, dye, fix, and of course guidance.  You can order banners, either 12′ for $30, or 6′ for $15, including dye. These must be pre ordered. Come and tie dye to your hearts content!  You will learn many techniques, such as the “spiral”, the “scrunch” and the “rib/herringbone”.   Bring your 100% cotton shirts, socks, whatever you can think of to dye. 

Hint: Dharma Trading Company is a great place to order 100% cotton items.  Oh, and the bamboo socks are really soft and dye very well. You could also make a Hapi Coat in Barbara’s class then tie dye it!

What to bring: Old clothes or an apron to wear. You will get dye on you and this does not come out. Bring your own banner pole to proudly display your work if you are making a banner!

Experience level: Beginner on up

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