Instructor: Chris Hanson – Box Kite Train

Day & Time: Friday 9:00 AM Class #3

Cost: $20.00 per kite

Description: You will learn how to build a simple and inexpensive box kite with custom fittings for quick construction. There is a special connection point that allows this kite to be connected together into a train. Chris will also talk about and/or demonstrate 3D design and 3D printing, creating a metal template for hot cutting kite pieces and bridling the kites into a train.

Chris will also have sets of fittings available for purchase so you can make more kites to train at home.

This is a live link to the class instructions. Chris will be updating it periodically.

What to bring: Sewing machine, notions, a 3 to 5 foot straight edge

Experience level: Intermediate on up!
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