Instructor: Fred Marchand – Scrappy Tails

Day & Time: Sunday 8:30am Class #11

Cost: $10.00 Scraps provided / $2.00 Bring your own Scraps

Description: Got scraps? Do you have bags of scrap ripstop nylon laying around and you don’t know what to do with them? Come take Fred’s class and learn Ron Button’s technique for making kite tails from your scrap material. You’ll make a 10’ tail, but the techniques can be applied to make tails as long as you like.

Side note: Students are be encouraged to bring their scraps, ask your friends for scraps – Fred has some scraps, but we’ll need more.

What to bring: Sewing machine, notions, hot cutter, metal straightedge (18-24” long) and Tempered cutting glass (18×24 or slightly large will work fine). Alternately, students can use a rolling cutter, mat and straight edge if you don’t want to hot cut.

Experience level: Beginner on up!

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