Instructor: Sam King – Single Stack Hex box

Day & Time: Saturday 9:00 AM Class #7

Cost: $70.00

Description: You will use a variety of techniques to create a single stack of 5 (five) hexagonal cells.  Cells will be appliquéd in class with up to three colors of contrasting striping.  Sam will contact students ahead of the class for color selection.  This kite, even though it’s a cellular, takes less than 5 minutes to assemble on the field and breaks down in half the time.  It flies in a wide wind range, requiring only 3 to 4 mph, and bouncing happily in up to 25 mph.  Plus it packs down to 36 inches, so is suitable for traveling.  Materials are carbon and ripstop.

What to bring: Sewing machine and notions

Experience level: Intermediate on up!
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