Instructor:  Dan Kurahashi
25 segments Hokkai Suzume Kite Train

Day & Time:  Friday 9:00 AM Class #2 – No Sew

Cost:  $90.00

Description:  You will make a printed Tyvek Hokkai Suzume kite train using bamboo and glue.  This version has 2 different sides, using the opacity of the Tyvek. One side is the Suzume face (Sparrow), the other side has a NW Indian design of a Dog Fish (Shark face) drawn by Dan Kurahashi.  You can choose which side will face the ground when it’s flying. People will also be able to see the other side while it’s in the air.

What to bring: Marked * means you can borrow from Dan
A. Crochet hook if available *
B. Tweezer *
C. White glue in a pointed tip bottle *
D. Scissors *
E. Plastic clothes pins (wooden one may glue to the kite and become part of it.)*
F. Small ( or big) Cutting mat
G. Olfa knife or Exacto knife*
H. Bamboo knife if available *
I. Side cutter if available *
J. Marking pen
K. Straight edge *
L. One day worth of news paper. Not showing in picture.

Experience level:  Beginner on up!

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