Instructor:  Ronda Brewer – Let’s Get Knotty

Day & Time:  Sunday 8:30 AM – Class #13

Cost:  $5.00

Description:  In this ‘hands on’ class we will review the knots that Margaret Greger referred to in her book ‘Kites for Everyone’: the Square knot, Bowline, Fisherman’s Knot, Larkshead Knot and Dressmaker’s Knot.  In addition, I will present a few more effective and easily tied knots that I like to use. Then, we will look at different ways to incorporate those knots into our kite building. So, no matter if you are an expert at knot tying or if you are challenged to find the end of your rope, you will have a good time getting Knotty with Ronda.

What to bring:  Your enthusiasm to learn all about knots!  

Experience level:  Beginner on up!

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