Not a Peter Lynn

Instructor:  Lindsey Johnson and Ronda Brewer

Day & Time: Saturday 9:00 AM Class #7

Cost:  $40

Description:  During the first part of this class we will explore Margaret’s, More Kites for Everyone, to get a feel for her thoughts and methodology. Her books contain a wealth of information on design, fabric and sewing techniques for both the beginner and master kite maker. They are as fresh today as they were then. Next we will compare the “Peter Lynn Kite” (Tri-D box) to the “Not a Peter Lynn Kite”, and see how Greg Greger, Margaret’s husband, used one kite design to inspire and morph it into a new kite.

We will also make a bag for the kite that is also featured in the book.

What to bring: 2 yards of fabric, sewing machine, notions, straight edge, cutting mat.

Experience level: 

Link to prospectus

Kite shown not actual size, John Freeman and class from previous class.

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