Instructor:  Dan Kurahashi – Blade Sharpening Basics

Day & Time:  Sunday 8:30 AM – Class #8

Class Size:  15 Students

Cost:  $20.00 

Description:  Dan will teach you his technique on how to sharpen kitchen knives, paring knives.  How to rejuvenate (this is not same process as sharpening, and I’ve been using this for a long time), Xacto and Olfa knife blades, circular blades, sewing needle, seam ripper, scissors, etc. 

This class is hands on but it’s more to introduce you to the ‘how to’ and materials to do it. Dan will include things that normally people are not exposed to, and not have easy access to.  Since Dan worked in a Stainless Steel shop, he used all kinds of grinding, sharpening and polishing methods. Dan will have the supplies, including the wet stone.

What to bring:  Old gloves to keep your hands clean, portable drill if you have one.  Small cutting board and vegetable for testing, if you choose to bring kitchen knives to sharpen.  Dull kitchen or paring knifes, old blades (such as seam rippers and circular blades). Old needles, Olfa cutter blades are disposable, but rusted or not-so-sharp-anymore can be saved. Or whatever you want to sharpen.

Experience level:  Beginner on up!


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