Instructor:  Ron Gibian – Astral Glide Kite

Day & Time:  Saturday and Sunday 8:30 AM, Class #4

Class Size:  Limit 12

Cost:   $100.00 approximately

Description: The kite is 5.9 Ft. X 2.10 Ft wide. You will bring an uncut sail to class with your own design on it. It will receive a final perimeter cut from the original template and all of its finishing work in class. Once you register I will send you a copy of the template and its measurements. This will give you the opportunity to use your own art, creativity and individuality. This proved to be very successful and fun at a previous OKR a few years back. This class will enable you to build larger versions as I provide you with those plans in class. You will then become a part of a very world wide group of Kiter’s that have adopted this design for its outstanding flight capabilities.

What to bring:  Sewing machine and notions.

Experience level:  Experienced and up

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