Instructor:  Robert Brasington – 3 Different Memorial Kites

Day & Time:
Friday 9:00 AM, Class #2
Sunday 8:30 AM, Class #3

Class Size:  20 students

$55.00 Memorial Bird
$55.00 Memorial Butterfly
$40.00 Memorial Heart

Description:  Robert’s White Memorial kites are effortlessly easy to assemble and fly flawlessly on most winds.  They can also be stacked into a train. Robert will teach all 3 kites, side by side, during the class.  Participants are welcome to choose one, two or all three projects to make during the class. Construction manuals come with each project.  The Bird and Butterfly take roughly 4-5 hours to make, while the Heart takes about 3-4 hours.

Robert will also teach on Sunday morning for you to choose 1 kite to make.

Participants are welcome to pre-order extra kits.  Alternate color choices are available on request. If you are interested in ordering a kit, because you are not taking my class, or if you would like an extra kit, e-mail Robert at

What to bring:  Sewing machine and notions

Experience level:  Beginners on up!

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