Instructor:  Rod Beamguard – Der Schlangendrachen Kite

Day & Time:  Saturday 9:00 AM into Sunday 8:30 AM (Day and a half) – Class #1

Class Size:  15 Students

Cost:  $80.00 without fabric / $150.00 with fabric

Description:  This is a great opportunity to design a graphic that flows for 18′ through 6 panels separated by spaces.  Any appliqué work desired must be completed before coming to OKR. This outstanding kite flies very well and is very still in the sky.  It is possible to break the kite down for travel to a bundle that is 33” long and 5” in diameter. Class members will be given the opportunity to either choose from my fabric (and have solid color panels) or use their own fabric (and do any appliqué before coming to OKR).  There will not be time available at OKR to do appliqué work. Price for the class depends upon who supplies the fabric – you or me.

What to bring:  Sewing machine, notions, Super glue and a 12” ruler.  

Experience level:  Beginner on up!

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