Scott Skinner – Hanga Kite

Saturday 9:00 AM, Class #12

Cost: $10.00

Description: Make a 18” x 13” Japanese washi and bamboo kite. The Japanese have been using traditional woodblock printing as an art for centuries. For decades, this traditional method of making multiples of art images, came to that of traditional kites, in order to enhance the art and production of making kites available to the public. Over the last 2 years, Scott has been working on understanding and using the traditional method of Japanese woodblock printing to make his paper kites. The Drachen Foundation will supply all the tools, paint and set up necessary to carve and paint.

Experience level: Beginner on up!

What to bring: A simple design to carve (to fit a 9” x 6” board), a work apron or wear old clothes.

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