Instructor: Kathy Goodwind – Gypsy Dragon Kite

(an E.W. Redmonds design)

Day & Time: Sunday 8:30 AM, Class #7

Cost: $10.00-15.00

Description: The Gypsy Dragon Kite is a small kite with an 8”x11” head with an 18” crepe paper tail. The kite is made with Bleeding Art Tissue paper, crepe paper and bamboo. You will dip and dye the tissue paper creating wonderful abstract patterns. While the paper dries, you will make the head of the dragon in a jig provided.

This class is in honor of E.W. Redmond who was called the Gypsy Kiteman. He traveled all over teaching people to fly kites. He passes away suddenly so this is in his memory.

What to bring: Everything is provided, just bring a sharp cutting knife with a cutting board, also bring an old spool of thread you no longer want.

Experience level: Beginning on up

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