Instructor: David Ellis – SkyStalker

Day & Time: Saturday 9:00 AM, Class #5

Cost: $50.00

Description: This project is a product of a kite design contest held on forum. The kites in this contest were to be designed with 3 elements: 2 trapezoids, 2 squares and 2 triangles with no measurements over 5 feet. Roberto Vanecek of Argentina won the contest with this design. I have his permission to teach my version of his kite, a delta derivative. A class CD will be provided, including a software program to scale the kite to any size desired. You may e-mail me for skins previous to retreat so you can appliqué, decorate, etc. prior to retreat. Kites will have black center panels and white keels. You will have a choice of available colors for wings.

What to bring: Sewing machine and notions

Experience level: Intermediate on up

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