Instructor: Fred Marchand – Line Winder Storage Bag

Day & Time: Sunday 8:30 AM Class #7

Cost: $8.00 Small bag / $10.00 Large bag


Description: Are you tired of having your line winders lying around everywhere? Have you won one of the fancy wooden line winders and want a way to protect it? Come join Fred and learn how to organize your winders into an easy roll-up storage bag that can hold multiple winders. You’ll also learn techniques you can use to make other storage bags. Two sizes will be offered: a small one that will fit most sport kite figure-8 winders and a larger size that will accommodate most of the larger wooden winders.

What to bring: Sewing machine, notions, heavy (thick) thread if you have it (i.e. V48 Polyester), larger sewing needle to go with larger thread (110/80), zipper foot for sewing machine, 12-18” metal straight edge

Experience level: Beginner and up


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