Instructor: Robert Brasington – Gothic Delta

Day & Time: Saturday 9:00 AM & Sunday 8:30 AM Class #2

Cost: $140.00

Description: The workshop examines the accepted shape of a delta and goes on to create a low aspect ratio platform with an unconventional keel arrangement. The kite fly’s in light winds and is capable of flying comfortably in the upper ranges as well. The main body is black and embellished with three other colors of the participant’s choice. There are six graphic options available. Participants are encouraged to preselect colors prior to the workshop taking place. The size of the kite is 2.8M long x 1.5M wide.

The time is spent using appliqué techniques, general sewing and folding of fabrics. There are no difficult procedures involved.

What to bring: Sewing machine, notions, double sided tape

Experience level: Intermediate and up

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