Instructor: Bri Howard – Kite Duffle Bag in 3 Different Sizes

Day & Time: Sunday 8:30 AM Class #10

Cost: Small Duffel bag (22” long) $15.00

Kite Duffel bag (48” long) $25.00

Long Kite Duffel bag (60” long) $30.00

Description: Build a duffel bag for all of your kiting needs, whether it is a small bag for your line or a long bag to fit all of your wonderful creations, this is the class for you. Bri has a number of colors to choose from; black, charcoal, light grey, navy blue, smoky blue, red, aquamarine. There are always more colors she can purchase if you like; forest green, Kelly green, purple, khaki, coyote brown, mint green, etc.

Bri can also embroider your name on the pocket ahead of time for an additional $5.00

What to bring: Sewing machine, notions, and don’t forget the zipper foot for your machine.

Experience level: Everyone!

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