Instructor: Ken Conrad – Ken’s Floater Kite

Day & Time: Sunday 8:30 AM, Class #3

Cost: $40.00

Description: Make a novel polyester ripstop and fiberglass/carbon kite, which flies remarkably well (floats!) in light to medium winds, 2-8 mph. Learn simple, tunable framing and a unique way of making pockets and reinforcements. Anyone who wishes to use a printed sail must provide digital art four weeks before class and I will print the fabric. Otherwise you can sew a sail at home for this class. It’s a good-sized kite 48” wide x 36” high that will break down to about 30”. Anyone disappointed by light winds on the flying field needs this kite!

What to bring: sewing machine, notions, short ruler and metal straight edge

Experience level: Intermediate on up

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