Instructor: Cat Gabrel

Day & Time: Saturday 9:00 AM Class #6

Cost: $15.00

Description: This kite is by EW Redmond, known as the Kite Gypsy of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  It’s beautiful and fun to make.  This kite is made with tissue paper and bamboo.  It’s 18′ tail makes it look big in the sky.  The kites small size (11” x 9″) makes it easy to travel with and flies great in winds 3-20+.   It’s a classic kite in the Oklahoma hills.  You will learn and experiment using bleeding art tissue.  The possibilities are endless.   You will make up 10 kites during this class.  Comes complete with a box for storage, flying line and winder.
What to bring: Your imagination!

Experience level: Beginner on up

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