Instructor: Bary Crites – Delta Kite

Day & Time: Saturday 9:00 AM Class #8

Cost: $85.00

Description: You will build a high-aspect ratio Delta, extended keel, possible inflatable keel (if I can make it work). Sail is 10ft wide x 4ft tall, with the keel extended approx 12″ beyond the trailing edge. The graphics pattern will be similar to the photo but somewhat simplified because of time constraints

About the kite: it was my first year of handcrafted competition (mid 90’s) and due to a misinterpretation of the rules I was placed in the Masters class at WSIKF. As I walked into the field for the Delta category competition I saw a kite very similar to this design being walked into the field by a gentleman I now know was Jerry Sinote. The kite immediately caught my attention because of the high- aspect ratio of the sail and the awesome use of color and incredible graphic design. I told myself then, that one day I would figure out how to build one for myself. This kite is the result of my infatuation with that kite.

What to bring: sewing machine and notions

Experience level: Intermediate on up!

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