Instructor: Cat Gabrel – Kondor Kite

Day & Time:  Friday 9:00 AM Class #1

Cost:  $90.00 – $110.00

Description:  The Kondor kite was designed by Markus “Domino” Egger of Switzerland.  It is a delta shape, high aspect kite. It will fly in winds 2-12 mph. It is elegant and lovely to fly in light winds.  The size and shape of the kite is somewhat deceiving of its size: measuring 3.5 feet tall by 12 feet wide. This kite looks great in group flies.  A matching mini Kondor will also be available to class participants. This is a basic sewing project with use of double stick tape.

What to bring:  Sewing machine and notions.  

Experience level:  Beginner on up!

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