Instructor: Ron Ortega – Magic Star Kite

Day & Time:  Saturday 9:00 AM Class #6

Cost:  $90.00

Description:  In Germany these kites are called Faltstern (Folded Stars).  They are the brainchild of Marcus Ertl and Florian Janich who have kindly given me permission to develop a class of my own.  The kite is made from squares or rectangles of fabric that are folded into points, sewn flat and then sewn together to create a star shaped kite.  The magic happens when the kite is backlit by the sun. The translucent fabric acquires different tones where it is folded upon itself and creates beautiful, crystalline patterns.  The kite is approximately 46” in diameter. Since the process can be addicting, additional parts will be included to make another star outside of class.

What to bring:  Blue Tape!  Sewing machine (having one that will adjust the needle to the side will be helpful) and notions.  Thread the color of the kite, a cutting mat with a 45 degree angle.

Experience level:  Beginner on up!

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