Instructor:  Scott Hampton – Pole Dancers

Day & Time:  Saturday 1:00 PM – Class #10

Cost:  $5.00

Description:  Mix and match components from Scott’s many designs to create your own unique pole dancer / wind vane.  Using a variety of templates, choose different body shapes, eyes, mouths and hair. You will be doing sewing and appliqué using your fabric, which can be painted or not.

What to bring:  Sewing machine and notions.  Rip-stop nylon in either ¾ oz or 1.5 oz.  You will need approximately ½ yard (18”x50”) of body color, ½ yard (28”x50”) of black and 12”x12” of white.  Poster board to trace body templates.

Scott will supply the rods and end caps needed to finish your project.

Experience level:  Intermediate on up!


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