From the Photos page, click  Photo Editor Login.
Type in your username and password and click Log in.
You should see your user infomation.  Go to the top of the page and click the Photos tab.
You’re back on the Photos page and you’ll notice that the menu has more options now.   Click Upload Photos.
Now you’re at the Create Image screen – the first thing to do is pick the gallery the images will be uploaded to.   Please put photos from a given year into the correct gallery.   If you do put a photo into the wrong gallery you can fix it later on, so it’s not the end of the world or anything.
In this example you can see that OKR 2008 is selected.  Next click the Select Images icon.
Select a photo from your local computer.
You  can see that IMG_022.JPG has been selected and it has been queued. You click the Select Images icon again . . .
. . .  you can go back and select another image (remember to keep it from the same year).
Now there are two images queued.
Not only can you keep going back for more images, you can select more that one image at a time.  So if you have a folder with a set of photos you could select all of the photos in that folder.
Now there are 5 images queued.   Click the Save button.
Progress bars are displayed for each image being uploaded.
There’s also a main progress bar.  Wait until processing stops before going to the next step.
The main progress bar has cleared and now you can click the Next step button.
You are now at the Edit Captions screen. You can change the Title to something more meaningful than the image number.  You can give several photos the same Title name so they will be grouped together in the gallery.   In this example I named 3 of the photos  "Miss Eddy Class".  You can see that in the steps below.
If you upload a lot of photos this screen can be quite long.
Whoops!  The orientation of this picture is wrong.  Steps on how to fix that are below.
Hey! It’s the Frog Man!  At the bottom of the Edit Captions page is the Done Editing button (not shown).  Click it.
You,ll be back at the Create Image page.   You can upload more photos or take a look at the gallery that you just added photos to.   Click the Photos tab above.
Go to the gallery.   The last photo uploaded will be featured. Click on the gallery to see the other photos.
One of the photos needs to be fixed.  Click on the link below the photo itself.  In this case "Miss Eddy Class".
When you click on the photo itself, it’s displayed in the light box . . . . .
Assuming the link below the photo was selected, you can now do some editing.  Click the Edit tab at the top of the photo.
Above the photo is the Image Galleries menu.   If the photo was in the wrong gallery, you would selct the correct gallery in this step.  The orientation was fixed on the local computer, so we’re going to replace this photo with a new version.  Click Browse.
Get the replacement photo from your computer.
You can see the path to the new photo here.
Click Save.    This is also where to go to simply delete a photo.    (You can only delete your photos)
That’s better!
Click Photos tab at the top of the page and upload more photos.