Instructor:  Brian David – 4 foot Bol

Day & Time:  Friday 8:30 AM, Class #5

Class Size:  10, extra kits will be available.

Cost:  $50.00

Description:  You will be creating a pair of counter rotating 4ft Bols. The majority of the sewing will be connecting the 20 pre-cut panels to form the body of the Bols using a straight stitch. Students will then sew on the material to finish the leading edge and trailing edge. Attachment tabs will be sewn on to connect the bridle lines to a swivel. You will select the color or colors for the 20 panels, for each Bol, from the following stock of 3/4oz fabric: Black, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Dark Blue, Ocean Blue, Navy, Coast Gold, Green, Purple, and Gray. Students will also have the option of colors for the leading and trailing edge material.

Come for the full class, or just the morning or afternoon session if there is another class you want to take.

What to bring:  Sewing machine and notions

Experience level:  Beginner and up

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